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Patchwork Fabric News

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        The latest in the Imperial Collection series fom Robert Kaufman . This collection consists of 24 fabrics in traditional designs and colours. . Price $35.10 per metre. fat quarters and range bundles available.

      2. DECOUPAGE

      A small range of 13 farrics from IN THE BEGINNING FABRICS and JASON YENTER . The desigs are bright multicoloured florals and includes a border print.


      16 fabrics from NORTHCOTT FABRICS various size floral desigs in bright colours with of white purple, violet. green amd drrk blue. . Selling price $30.50.  Fat quarters and range bundles are available while stocks last.

    2. HORIZON
      14 favrics fron FIGO fabrics designed by Pippa Shaw. Some gfeatures include small horse and horse shoe images. the fabrics atre suitable for clothing as well as patchwork and retai at $28.98 per metre.
      Fat quarters and range bundles are available while stocks last.

      This range was released on February 2 2024 and comprises 20 main range fabrics in traditional Tilda colours  and is accompanied by 8 blenders . Price $36.30 per metre . Fat quarters and range bundles are available while stocks last.


    A selection of 20 farbics from this Moda range features floral images in a range of sizes and background colours . $30.80 per metre with single fat quarters and range fat quarter bundles available


    Released internationally on October 1.    This new relaese consists of 12 main fabrics featuring small birds, squirels , flowers and mice in traditional Tilda colours .  In addition there are 12 blenders with the design names of Olive Branch and Eucalyptus.  Since its release this range is selling out very quickly so if you are interested dont leave your inquiry much longer.

    A selection of 20 fabris from the Evermore range designed by Sweetfire Road for moda Fabrics. .The range has floral theme featuring florals of various sizes with backgrounds of natural, pink . green amd mustard . Available by the metre, single fat quarters and range bundles while our stocks last.

    A range of 18 fabrics from Riley Blake released in late 2022 but not loaded to our website . All fabrics are still in stock but unfortunately not all images are available however were the image is not available at least one image of the design is availabe in another colourway . Thi is a lovely range featuring both florals and several co-ordinating fabrics to complete your project.

    The latest range from Jason Yenter and IN THE BEGINNING FABRICS is 14 fabrics including a border print.  This is definitely Jason Yenter but the designs are different from recent offerings with Butterflys.. Dots and several geometric designs in his traditional colours.  $28.50 per mete this range is well priced in current times

    from ANDOVER FABRICS designed by MAX & LOUISE . 28 fabrics and a FREE DOWNLoad pattern are available.. A full range bundle of fat quarters is available on request while stocks last.

  6. TILDA BLOOMSVILLE and ABLOOM coordinates/blender
    The collection is 20 BLOOMSVILLE FABRICS AND 15 ABLOOM blenders.  Available by the metre and in fat quarters. fatquarter range bundles are available
    Bloomsville is a explosion of bright colours and flowers in bloom.  This is a bright fresh collection from Tilda ..

  7. SOMETHING BLUE from Nortcott Fabric
    A collection of 18 fabrics. This includes a panel from which to sew an cloth carry bag - a running yardage borderr print and a lenghtwise striped fabric.  11 farics feature blue flowers and/or blue butterflies on backgrounds of blue. green white or cream . This are augmented by 4 co-ordinating fabrics   Single fat quarters and bundles are available on request.   Released May 2023

    A selection of 19 fabrics from this collection by Maywood studios. $29.95 per emtre with fat quarter at $7.50 ea. Range bundles also available on request.  Released April 2023

  9. BLISS by MODA
    The latest range frm moda with 36 fabrics featuring delicate floral desigsn in muted tones of red , blue , greens , grey , brown and bone /  $36.25 per metre. Individual fat quarters and  bundles also available.

    A further addition to our large range of fabric available from this group . We have added a selection of 17 fabrics from the 85 & FABULOUS COLLECTION

  11. TILDA PIE IN THE SKY plus CLOUD PIE BLENDERS - released feb 1 2023
    20 fabrics in the actual range plus 8 Cloud Pir Blenders. - Fat quarter range bundles available as well as individual fat quarters.

    36 pieces from Moda Country Rose floral arrangements, pin dot spots, checks in a variety of muted colours variouslt described by Moda as tea Rose, sage, cloud, smokey blue , taupe, sunshine , plae pink & charcoal. Priced at $30.50 per metre and immediately available in shop. Individual fat quarters and range bundles also available

    8 new fabrics from TULA PINK . Parisville was my  collection for FreeSpirit Fabrics which was originally released in 2010. The designs herew are similiiar to the 2010 designs but the colouring has changed,  Other fabrics fom the 2010 collection will probably be released each year

  14. SUNSHINE A new range of 24 fabrics from jason Yenter and In the Beginning Fabrics. Also availablea a 12 month BLOCK OF THE MONTH program as well as a Kaleidoscope Pattern utilising thgis fabric.

    a range of 18 fabrics from Riuley Blake designs and designed by Echo Park Paper Co. Sevearl of the designs feature floral clusyter with generall soft pastel background. The co-ordination fabrics are blues. yellow.coral and green in pastel shares.  This 100% cotton floral collection is suitsble for boith quilting and home decor applications

    15 fabrics fro Jason Yenter and In the Beginning Fabrics. Thsi range has border prints a butterfly panel and features a number of floral designs as weel as the usual coodrinating fabrics.,  A very nice range.,


    A new range of 14 colourfuls fabrics fron SNOW LEOPARD DESIGNS and PHILIP JABOBS a well know mwmber of the Kaffe Fasset Collective of designers


The latest range from Tula pink relaeased June 2022. This range has 14 fabrics in traditional Tula colours whic bleand easily with othetr ranges and her TRUE COLOURS collection. As usual animal images are a feature of the designs but as the range title inplies the image sizes are somewhat smaller that the majority of her otrhetr collections. Ävailable of the bolt at $31.90 per metre, Fat quarters at $8.00 and Fat Quarter range bundle (14 fq) at $105.00 whlie stocks last.

 This range is sure to seel quickly due to the unequeness of the smaller images . Range bundles of half metre pieces or above are available on request whiulke stoicks last (ask our price) .



The Chic escape range consists of 20 fabrics with 10 fabrics in the Daisyfield cooodinates range. This range was inspired by a group of people with interests in vintage pottery, fabrica nd flowers who during COVID lockdown who left their old lives behind to restore a derelict French Chateau. . This range was released on June 1 2022



a range of 31, patchwork fabrics, including 2 panels ,  desined by Holly Taylor for MODA fabrics, The range features various shades of lilac, olive green and cream . FAt quarters and range bundles are available.


MIDNIGHT IN THE GARDEN new patchwork fabric range of 27 fabrics designed by Sweetfire Road for Moda Fabrics . Features florals and some farm animals and bees in blush pinks, charcoals gold shaes with a number of low volume prints. Suitable for quilting, clothing and home decor.

JUNGLE FRIENDS - 2 PANELS a border print and co-ordinates from Jason Yemter and In The Beginning Fabrics,  Great kids quilt idea or wall hanging. Quilt pattern available,


  1. SCI-FI  another great kids quilt panel a border print and co-ordinates from Jason Yemter and In The Beginning Fabrics. . This is a large panel at approx 43x54 inches an would make a great wll hanging if you are not up to making the quilt. .The panel is $36.45 due to its size,



LAVENDER MARKET -New patchwork fabric range by Deborah Edwards and Northcott Fabrics,   The feabric features varioue iamges of LAVENDERwith a couplke featuring honey Bees. The colours are Lavender, thistle, hydrangea , cheese sause, kiwi with black and white



The latest patchwork 100% cotton fabvric range from Tilda - Released on February 1 it consists of 20 farics with names of Asallop Shehh, Sea Anemone , Limpet Shell, Coral Reef and Ocen Flower. As usual Tilda have produced a beautiful range of complimentary colour as with names of Coral, Lilac, Blue, Honey , Grey and Teal. To round off tyhe range there are 5 BEACH SHELLs fabrics which will blend with the other 20 fabics,  Finally Tilda have added a WHIMSICAL frabric ME & MY FRIEND whiuch can we used with the COTTON BEACH selection or its own.
The fabric is  $30.70 per metre and and fat quarter bundles of 25 fat qaurters are $181.50 while they last.
We antiucipate that the range will be very popupar and will sell out quickly

A single colourway range of 17 fabrics including one border print.. The range features various shades of violet, purples and green, white and black backgrounds. ,The theme of the range is various floral arrangements and dragon flies which is sure to make this purple and green range popular especiially with a price tag of $26.95 which is low by current standards .


The lastest range from Tula Pink and Free Spirit fabrics. The range consist of 22 fabrics and with all fabrics from Tula they featuire arange of animals. He we have flamingo, Jaguar, butterfly and macaw. The colours are what we expect from Tula but a littele more subtle than recent ranges. Full range fatqaurter bundles are avail;able while stocks last.


2 COLOURWAYS of this range by Me & My Ssiter Designs for MODA fabrics.  15 fabrics in total plus Jelly Rolls available.


     A range of 40 fabrics designed by Nataiie Bird of THE BIRDHOUISE DESIGNS for DEVONSTONE FABRICS . The range includes a preprined STITCHERY PANEL and 6 woven fabrics numbered 3974 to 3979 inclusive.   The range feastures a pretty soft palette with hand drawn prints and florals. A pattern book for a quil\t and pillows is alos available.